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We are jamming….strawberry jamming.

Musings on small farm living.

( I also have several highbrow books and some very interesting and challenging metaphysical reading lined up, but Katie Fforde wins out following a normal day with three kids, four dogs, three cats all needing a variety of sorts of attention). Well, leaving the city for the country life and a little bit of land, you decide to grow something,’cos otherwise you’re just a city slicker pretending to be a country person – like”all of the others are tourists but I am a cultured visitor” mentality. Anyway, so twelve strawberry plants, four years on have now become a commercial (sort of) organic growing business and, two months of the year, my evenings are spent making jam.

The trouble is living on a farm brings out all of the standard frugal qualities of our ancestors – waste not want not – everything has to be preserved, frozen, used profitably or else why did you put so much effort into growing them in the first place. That means you can not lob 3 kilos of moments into the bin, put it out for the rubbish collectors and forget about it. For a start there are no rubbish collectors, it is going to sit there reproachfully until composted, attracting fruit flies, or the cows will get drunk on fermenting fruit…. So yummy delicious strawberry jam is the outcome.

So chopping berries, mind disengaged, do I think how blessed to be surrounded by a lot luscious, decadent, fragrant fruit, or I could never get excited about them ? Are the chickens going to begin laying strawberry flavoured eggs soon from all the rejected rejects, and if so if I start making strawberry soufflĂ©? Looking at the chakra webpages on http://www.aflowergallery.com where a red flower is the first chakra, is the cherry that the first fruit chakra? And if so what are the others….orange – oranges, easy….yellow – lemons or bananas….green – apples….we’re doing good….now it becomes harder….blue. . .hmmm. .are damsons indigo? . .what about violet…I am getting stuck now and rambling madly off the topic, what was it?

. .skin. . .well my two year old daughter used to pick strawberries last year, until two weeks into the season she came out in a gigantic skin rash due to excess overindulgence causing an allergic sensitivity, therefore I will not be rubbing berries into her skin. Rich in antioxidants, killing germs, lowering blood pressure, helping fight cancer – seems like a miracle fruit for me. I believe I need to be respectful of them, after all, who can complain of evenings spent in such rewarding business.

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