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Chocolate – the beverage of the Gods, has forever been man’s sinful indulgence. Chocolate comes in many shapes and sizes, and it’s used for several recipes, but none surpasses the chocolate cake – first place in popularity.

A chocolate cake can be made from any sort of chocolate. It can be made from plain, dark chocolate or”sour” chocolate which contains little or no additional sugar. Cakes can be made from white chocolate, which tastes sweet and is very rich and smooth, almost with a melt-in-your-mouth quality. Cakes made with organic chocolate win hands down for they contain a very large percentage of cocoa solids. However, this sort of chocolate is very expensive.

Innovation is the buzzword in chocolate circles today and along with chocolate you’ll find diverse other ingredients added to the cake to woo your taste buds. There is the orange and chocolate angel cake, the tangy cinnamon cake, the hot spicy chocolate ginger crunch cake made with ginger syrup and chocolate cake topped with a mildly tempering Banana Sauce to name a few. In actuality, it seems that almost everything that’s palatable in the kitchen can be used as a flavoring in chocolate cakes. Hazelnut is fantastic in chocolate cake and is beetroot (used in chocolate layer cakes), redcurrant torte chocolate cake is fabulous and baked chocoate and rasin cheese cake.

Chocolate cakes come with huge selection of toppings and decorations. Since chocolate cake by character has a rich flavor, the toppings are deliberately kept light. You can have dates, almonds, honey toppings, fruit sauces or you could have decorations made out of chocolate. When it comes to decorating with chocolate, the “Wildlife Control Port St Lucie FL” kind chocolate with a glossy finish is the choice of many. There are plenty of choices when it comes to decorating with chocolate. Anything made out of chocolate is sinfully delicious.

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